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Maxoto has established its reputation for providing quality, honest work. It is a reputation that we work hard everyday to keep. We offer complete maintenance and repair services, for all makes and models. We employ experienced, certified technicians, and invest in the the latest tools and software to get the job done right.

We specialize in troubleshooting and diagnostics. Check out our M.D. (Maxoto Diagnostics) team on facebook!

Here are the common services we perform:

Oil, Lube & Filter

Changing your engine oil and filter regularly is the most important activity you can perform to help keep your vehicle healthy, and help you avoid breakdowns or costly repairs down the road. We offer both regular and full-synthetic oil change at a great price, and we give a full inspection and tire rotation (if requested) for every oil change.

Fuel Injection Service

Improves gas mileage and engine performance. Use cleaning solutions to remove carbon deposits from entire fuel system, combustion surfaces, intake and port areas, and injectors. Also cleaning catalytic converter which helps lower emissions

“Max” Gas-Saver Package

Improves gas mileage and engine performance. Oil, lube & filter. New spark plugs. Fuel innjection service.

30/60/90k Service

Dealer warranty recommended services. Perform all services according to the manufacturer recommendations (excluding timing belt). Please call with your vehicle’s details for a list of services to be done.

Transmission Flush

Helps extend transmission life and maintain shifting quality. Remove and replace most old fluid with new fluid throughout the transmission system components (up to 12 quarts).

Radiator Flush

Helps prevent engine over-heating (hot weather or slow moving traffic) and engine freezing in cold weather conditions. Flush, clean, and fill radiator with proper mixture of new coolant/antifreeze fluid (up to 12 quarts). Inspect all cooling system components.

We also do the following jobs – please call for details:

Timing Belt
Oxygen Sensor
Catalytic Converter
Head Gasket
Major Transmission/Engine Work