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The MAXOTO team is dedicated to providing a high standard of service to our customers. Your valuable feedbacks and recommendations are highly appreciated. You can write to us using the feedback form at the shop, email us at [email protected], or give us some feedbacks online on local google, yahoo, yelp, facebook, twitter. Just search for “maxoto”! Below are some of the recent feedbacks we’ve received.


“… I will return in the future with my business. Keep up the great work.”
– Patrick K.

“Great service. I will be back. I am happy!”
– Daryl D.

“Great service. Super fast. Awesome employees. Amazing price.”
– Dori G.

“… made us feel confident with your company and we will come back as long as you are in business. We have referred you to our friends and our car rental company.”
– R. Shiosaki

“… My boyfriend and I have both taken our cars here and have been very happy. Thanks.”
– S. Spond

“Friendly, affordable, fast. My new auto place to go to. Thanks!”
– C. Meehan

“W. was very helpful and the owner was super nice. It all went very well. Thank you MAXOTO!”
– T. Morse

“The guy that helped me was very friendly and gave me suggestions on what my car needs, without being pushing or trying to rip me off. I will definitely come back for more services, because they seem very honest. Thanks.”
– S. Ortiz

“…Out of all the places I’ve been to in SD they are the fairest, most accommodating, and welcoming.”
– Annette L.